Murugan Theruvoram in Limca Book of Records


KOCHI : Murugan S Theruvoram, a 32-year-old social activist in Kochi, has entered the Limca Book of Records 2014 for rescuing and helping more than 2,000 people. Murugan has been doing social work since the age of 19, rescuing the poor, sick and mentally challenged from the streets and leaving them in the care of hospitals, shelters and old age homes, states the website of Limca book of Records.

“He has helped a school teacher Narayani (55) who had sores all over her body. She was abandoned by her family at a Railway Station. A family of four being exploited by a mafia to beg has also been rescued by him. He uses his autorickshaw for rescue the destitute during the day rides it after sunset to earn his livelihood. In 2012, he received the National Award for Social Work for Children and Women bestowed by Rashtrapati Bhavan. In 2013, the Kerala government honoured him for his rescue operations. In 2011, he received the Earth Foundation’s Rays of Hope award,” says the website of Limca book of World Records, 2014.


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